STEP 1: AIA’s AB-INITIO course (12-14 months)

PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE A PPL is the 1st License needed by the aspiring pilot. The course is approx.. 120 hrs classroom studies, 5 hours flight simulator and 40-45 hours Single-Engine Flight training;.You get to fly non-commercial flights with family or friends. COMM’L PILOT LICENSE A CPL is the most important requirement for pilots eyeing a career with the airlines or private flight operators. The course is approv. 120-140 hrs classroom and minimum 110 hrs flight training on top of the 45 hrs. gained during PPL training. MULTI-ENGINE RATING An ME is not a license but a qualification stamped on the CPL holder’s license. Students are taught to fly aircrafts with two engines. Very important as almost 100% airlines use two or more engine aircrafts. INSTRUMENT RATING Not a license but also a qualification stamped on the CPL holder’s license. The course is approx.. 20 hrs classroom and 20 hrs flight simulator training. Students are taught to fly night and low visibility scenarios just using flight navigational instruments. FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (optional) Open for PPL and CPL holders who love to impart their knowledge and skills to aspiring pilots. Course is approx. 6-8 months. An FI license holder can work as an FI to schools for pilots building-up flying hours and experience, granting an edge when applying in an airline.


General Aviation • Private pilot
• Flight Instructor
• General cargo
• Build-up flying hours Pre-requisites CPL with ME and IR
A 200-500 flying hours equals a better chance of landing an interview with an airline company. General Aviation Career • Flight Instructor
• Corporate Private Jet Pilot
• Charter Passenger
• Chargo Pilot

Fly small aircrafts such as Cessnas Salary range: USD $ 20,000 – $ 30,000 PER YEAR


AIRLINE 1ST OFFICER (FO) • Flies small passenger and cargo planes

Start of pilot’s dream career.
May seek airline sponsorship for additional training on the airline’s specific aircraft or invest on self-advancement.
Fly small to medium-type aircrafts such as the ATR’s
Salary range: USD $ 40,000 – $ 70,000 PER YEAR
AIRLINE CAPTAIN • Flies medium-build aircrafts
• Passenger / cargo planes
• 737, airbus 320
• Airbus 320 SALARY RANGE: USD $ 60,000 – $ 80.000 PER YEAR CAPTAIN ON AN AIRLINE A Pilot’s dream come true.
Take command on one’s own assigned aircraft.
Fly large to extra large aircrafts as the Boeng family 737 to 777, or the bus Airbus family A320 to A380 SALARY RANGE : USD $ 100.000 – $ 200,000 PER YEAR