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The Asian Institute of Aviation (AIA), as a premier flight training school, is responding to the challenge of producing world-class, professional pilots. The AIA curriculum aptly meets global standards: those required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). AIA is a corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines under Asian Institute of Aviation-Planters Aviation Corporation or AIA-PAC with SEC registry number CSO4715. Read More

MISSION We are committed towards the enhancement of the typical aviation training provided in the region, to providing that climate facilitates the highest standards of academic, skill achievement and knowledge discovery. We believe training is our craft; our commitment to excellence the difference.

VISION Asian Institute of Aviation aims to be the benchmark of an integrated Ab-Initio Pilot Taining Program in Asia Pacific, the region's source fro innovation and world-class

Our Fleet

  • CESSNA 172 A four seater aircraft trusted by pilots
    all around the globe for decades.Most of the successful airline pilots worldwide started with this easy-to-fly, sturdy, reliable and nice-looking aircraft. Other schools use this aircraft as advanced equipment. In AIA, this is but the first aircraft AIA students will handle for their basic, Single-Engine training.

  • PIPER SENECA is an American Twin-Engine aircraft
    powered by Lycoming engines.For the Multi-Engine advanced stage of flight training, AIA students are trained on this 6-seater higher power aircraft.

  • SIMULATOR AIA's flight simulator is the top of the line.
    of the Red Bird Simulator family.It has three (3) axis full - motion with a flight control realism feature.The MCX is a dual yoke that is geared towards Crew Resource Management (CRM) and two pilot cockpit training. With features like 200 degrees visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and an electric motion platform.

Pilot Courses

  • AB-INITIO PACKAGE (CPL w/ME & IR Package up to 12-14 month program)

    A unique package offered by the school designed to help aspirants obtain a Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating, the basic and complete license needed by a student to jumpstart his/her professional airline pilot career. The package includes all the necessary documentation that the student would need within the duration of the course.

  • Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

    A PPL is the first license that must be obtained by the aspiring student to advance to his/her next pilot career. The PPL Course is comprised of 120 hours of classroom studeies, 5 hours of flight simulator and 40-45 hours of Single-Engine training. A PPL allows one to fly non-commercial flights such as flights with family and friends.

  • Commercial Pilot License Course (CPL)

    CPL isd the most important license requirement for pilots imposed by the airlines or private flight operators on cargo or passenger flights. The CPl course is comprised of approximately 120-140 hours of classroom studies, and a minimum 110 hours of flight training on top of the 45 hours gained during PPL Training. CPL holders are allowed to work in an airline or private company thereby gaining additional trainings on larger and more complex aircraft such as Boeings and Airbuses.

  • Instrument Rating Course (IR)

    is not a license, it's a type of qualification that is stamped/placed on the license of a CPL holder. IR Training is comprised of approximately 20 hours of classroom training and 20 hours of flight simulator training. On the IR training, students are taught to fly during night and during low visibility scenarios by just using flight navigational instrument.

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Our Instructors AIA's Foundation of Excellence. Some of AIA's pool of top notch Instructors.

  • CAPT JOSE LUIS M. CONCHA Director for Operations / Head of Training Profile
  • CAPT. LUCITO G. AMISCARAY Chief Flight Instructor, AIA Profile
  • CAPT. SATORU OSUKI Assistant Head of Training for Standardization, AIA Profile
  • CAPT. AARON MICHAEL GUSSE Flight Instructor, AIA Profile

Safety and Reliability

  • ENGR. BEN FELIX PENAGA Director for Quality Assurance, AIA Profile

Success in aviation parlance is synonymous with safety - safety of students, of pilots, and of all the surroundings affected by the flight operations. Since safety and reliability is our primary consideration, AIA have invested on keeping a pool of factory-trained, licensed mechanics



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How to Enroll?

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    1. FILL-OUT You may fill-out an application form or contact our local partner's office in your country. Download Application Form

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    2. SUBMIT Via email:
    Clear,scanned copy of passport (the side with the photo) Recent Academic Document (Transcript of Records)

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    3. OFFER LETTER After the receipt evaluation of the required documents, an offer will be sent through email to the qualified applicant.

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    4. BOOK YOUR FLIGHT Upon the receipt of the offer letter issued by the school, you may book your flight ticket to any airline bound for Manila. Contact us and submit a copy of your flight itinerary so we can schedule a transport service for you from the airport.

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    5. PAYMENT Payment schedule is stated in the offer letter.

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    6. PHILIPPINE ARRIVAL A designed staff from our school will gladly welcome you at the Manila airport. Formal registration,orientation and the signing of training agreement will be done at our Manila / Makati office.


  • 1
    What are the requirements for application to become a pilot in AIA?

    Applicant must be at least 17 years of age, Male or Female, can understand and speak English, and in good health.

  • 2
    How to Apply?

    Applicant may fill-out an application form online or contact our local partners in their hometown.

  • 3
    Do you help students get a job after graduation?

    Yes, we do help willing graduates from our school to undergo our Flight Intructor's Apprenticeship Program. This program allows graduates to be hired by our school as Ground or Flight Instructor, thereby accumulating more flight more flight time while enjoying a salary.

  • 4
    What are the documents required for submission?

    -Accomplished/Filled-out Application Form
    -Clear,scanned copy or passport (the side with the photo)
    -Recent Academic document (Transcript of Records)

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